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The Pink Elephant Shoe



Ainda no mood dos vestidos de noiva - sim, confesso que fiquei com um problema grave depois do casamento - conheci recentemente outra loja que não podia deixar de partilhar convosco. A Landy Bridal tem vestidos lindíssimos, dignos de qualquer princesa. A parte que me deixa mais satisfeita são realmente os preços, que são bastante económicos. Impossível não nos perdermos por lá, certo? 


I swear I'm in the mood for weddings. The wedding is such a special occasion. Just to have the opportunity to promise your eternal love to that one person in front of all the important people in your life is a blessing. The occasion is, of course, huge to both fiancé and bride, but to the bride, this is the day she dreamed all her life. To simplify the bride's life, I present you Landy Bridal
This online store has a gorgeous collection of wedding dresses at the most affordable prices. Their quality is amazing and the finishes are hand sewed. They also have the preoccupation to work with fine fabrics, because that is your special day, right? Landy bridal works in the industry from more than 15 years, which make them the perfect to help you with all the questions you may have. I recommend you to check their lace wedding dresses! Lace is such a big trend and makes the dresses look even more princess like! Visit the website and watch their wedding dresses 2016 collection, even if it's just to dream about that unforgettable day, 

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